skillrep visual




Service: Brand Identity

Year: 2020

Industry: Sunglasses

Region: Texas


Skillrep, a new brand of sunglasses, clothes and sports equipment. based In Texas, USA

From the beginning the intent was to use the letters SR for the logo.

After some initial proposals, together with the customer, we opted for the use of the negative space in the logo. This optical effect recalled, in some way, the optics and therefore the customer’s products, but this was not enough.

The definitive logo was immediately appreciated. It with a simple shape of an inclined rectangle, creates the S and the R and two triangles in negative, one above the other, which form an arrow in an upward direction, an enticement to overcome your limits and continue more and more up.

From the simple shapes of the logo, whole branding has been developed, with a pattern with a clear reference and a use of black and white in photographs with outlined subjects and the use of typography.

skillrep logo
skillrep concept
skillrep corporate
skillrep wavy poster
skillrep pattern
skillrep sunglasses hardcover
skillrep sunglasses
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