ReBranding for Skillrep - Visual Brand

Skillrep rebranding

Service: Brand Identity

Year: 2023

Industry: Music / Streetwear

Region: Texas, USA

Skillrep, born in 2020 in Austin, Texas, has embarked on a new journey in its branding. Initially focused on helping artists and musicians create a brand that represents them, Skillrep has now shifted its focus to a new target audience, expanding its range of services and products.
Skillrep’s first successful product was sunglasses, but the company is determined to further grow and become a go-to destination for creative professionals. As part of the rebranding process, the company decided to preserve the symbol that was created in 2020, representing continuity and the core identity of the brand.
In the redesign process, the emphasis was primarily on typography, grids, and layout. 
The grids and layout were developed based on the same symbol’s grid, providing consistency and a strong visual character to arrangements across various formats. 
This unified approach has helped create a distinctive visual system that permeates all aspects of the Skillrep brand.
Additionally, a photographic style has been established to capture the essence of artists and “street” scenes – youthful, trendy, and in line with the brand’s target audience. 
The images convey a sense of authenticity and inspiration, offering an engaging visual experience that reflects Skillrep’s vibrant personality.
With its rebranding, Skillrep presents itself as an entity in constant evolution, ready to support and promote creativity in all its forms. Whether through innovative products or tailored services, Skillrep is committed to providing unique solutions and building strong relationships with its artists, transforming them into true brand ambassadors.
ReBranding for Skillrep - Poster Designs
ReBranding for Skillrep - Poster Billboard
ReBranding for Skillrep - Poster Designs
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ReBranding for Skillrep - Visual Brand
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