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Collaborators: Alessia Visicaro


Service: Brand Identity

Year: 2021

Industry: Dried Flowers

Region: Italy


Floh is a dried flower brand, born in March 2021, from the passion for furniture and home decor.

It was born from the desire to convey a personal idea of beauty.

The beauty that resides in the small and simple things of everyday life.

Living your own spaces with Floh means making an environment welcoming and warm, in which to spend moments with loved ones.

Floh Team is committed to promoting eco-sustainability. In this historical period, in which climatic and environmental changes are increasingly frequent and aggressive, choosing to furnish your spaces with dried flowers allows you to reduce the environmental impact deriving from the cutting of fresh flowers, which wither after a few weeks.

Decorating with dried flowers turns out to be a conscious and intelligent choice, which combines beauty with eco-sustainability.


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